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About the Artist:


Welcome to the website of Karin Macphail Weber. As an artist, writer, and art instructor, her background includes a variety of life lessons gained from formal institutions, travel, and everyday experiences. She has lived in Canada, United States and Europe.

Some thoughts on Art:
My work speaks of a passion for ancient art and mythology. I draw creative sustenance from nature, as is evident in the rock, water, and sky themes. In addition, my Scottish heritage has inspired me to explore Celtic motifs. In my experience, creating Art is about turning one's Self inside out in order to explore the larger world and at the same time discover the universe within each of us. Boundaries dissolve, ego diminishes, creativity blossoms and one feels beautifully free. Much of the artistic experience is about the struggle to piece together disparate aspects of the universe, trying to make sense of the strangeness of life. The artist paradoxically discovers and creates one more unique fragment of an infinite puzzle.

The most common question I get asked in workshops is: "What makes good art?" There are many answers that include words like harmony, beauty, mystery, etc. I have given up trying to figure out universal rules for good vs. bad art. Great masterpieces of art do not speak to everyone. Mediocre clichéd art attracts crowds of ardent admirers. Works of art have varying degrees of power, and every work of art has a cultural frequency and speaks of its time. The question to ask of any work of art is how successful is it in giving its viewers a meaningful experience. Successful art invites people to envision the impossible, to be curious about the inexplicable, to question the absolute, and to shoulder the unbearable. Successful art takes you somewhere that you couldn’t go by yourself.

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